How to Choose a Polar Fleece Jacket?

Mountain activities are not always carried out with temperate climate and pleasant temperature.

The chances of facing the cold in the mountain are high and it is up to each one to be aware that the cold to face in the city, not necessarily, will be the same in the mountain.


Some beginner users wager on coats of ordinary fabric like jeans jackets, military jackets and sweatshirts. This kind of decision is perhaps the worst possible.

Therefore a warning: NEVER plan to camp, or perform mountain activities, with the garments cited unless you want to put your life at risk because they are not suitable for any outdoor activity. For sports activities always use the proper equipment, and avoid improvising.

For a “hot chill”, even extreme cold, the use of Lapasa men’s full zip polar fleece jacket is recommended.


Remembering that the fleece is an intermediary piece, not main in a layer system, so do not think about facing a cold with just this jacket. By midway keep in mind that it is worn above the “second skin” and below the windbreaker jacket or a raincoat

The fleece can also be used as a heating option, provided that the limitations of the product are respected. Never wear the fleece only, at least one shirt under the jacket is almost mandatory. No matter what outdoor activity you will be facing, the fleece is suitable for any and all practitioners.


What is a fleece?

For the layman the first time he hears the word fleece, there is the doubt of not knowing exactly what it is because it is not a word known.


Roughly, it’s a kind of flannel produced from synthetic fabric with special properties (breathability, lightness and compressibility), which make it right for any outdoor activity.

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