Beauty - Tips To Avoid Dry Winter Skin

Beauty – Tips To Avoid Dry Winter Skin

Knowing what is happening to your skin is the first step to regaining its freshness and softness. Find out which of these dramas you are experiencing and find out which skin care is best for you.

  1. Why does the skin run out of luster and shine?

There are several contributing factors, such as the aging process itself (loss of collagen and elastin), hormonal changes that we suffer during life and also diseases that can influence. In these cases, try facial in Manhattan in spa.

  1. Can I exfoliate my skin in winter?

It depends on your skin. Some even in winter need exfoliating. Others are so dry they never need it. For normal skin, exfoliation can be done once every fortnight.

  1. Is it normal for the skin to scratch more in winter?

Yes. And the reason is simple: it is drier. But know that scratching is dangerous. It means that the protective barrier is compromised, making the skin more susceptible to infections. Get spa gift certificates Manhattan for your girlfriend’s winter skin treatment.

  1. Why do hot showers dry out?

They remove the natural fat from the skin. It is one of the factors that help in protecting the skin and maintaining hydration.

  1. Do I have to shower with cold water in the cold?

Not even. The water need not be cold, but warm. What you can do in winter is put a heater in the bathroom half an hour before the shower and keep bath too fast. Also check out cheap spa packages in Manhattan to enjoy spa bath and other treatments including laser hair removal Manhattan.

  1. Can I use soap?

You can, but very little, and you should still make up for it with a lot of moisturizer. Never apply soap to drier parts like forearms and legs. And already use a shower cream.