Posing Guide

Posing Guide – 5 Tips for Flattering Photos of Every Body Type

We all want photos that show us in our best light. But finding flattering poses can be a challenge, especially if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera. Fear not – with a little guidance, you can learn posing tricks that work for your unique body type. In this post, professional photographer Masson Fotografie shares five tips for posing that will flatter every shape.

Posing Guide

Angles Are Everything

The angle of the camera is key to creating flattering photos. For fuller figures, shooting from a higher angle will create length and minimize the midsection. Place the camera above eye level and angle your body slightly to one side. This draws the eye up and creates curves.

For petite frames, shoot from a lower angle looking up. This adds visual height and proportion. Get low, even sitting or kneeling, and angle your body away from the camera. Play with three-quarter or profile poses.

Find Your Best Side

We all have a “good side” where we feel our features look most balanced. Take some selfies from both sides to see which you prefer. Then, make that your dominant side when posing. Tilt your head slightly toward that side and angle your body away from the camera on a diagonal.

For example, if your right side shows your face better, stand with your right shoulder forward and left foot back in a slight twist. This creates length and draws attention to your assets. Be mindful of your best angles and use them to your advantage.

Flattering Photos

Emphasize Your Assets

We are often our own worst critics. Instead of focusing on perceived flaws, highlight your best qualities through posture and positioning.

For example, those with curvier hips can emphasize them with a sway-back stance – one hip forward, the other back. Or place a hand on the hip to draw the eye. Broad shoulders look great with arms out to the sides in a power pose. Play up your personal assets to feel confident and camera-ready.

Try a Prop

Props provide visual interest and give your hands something to do. They also create lines and angles that can lengthen and slim the frame.

For example, leaning against a wall or fence takes weight off the midsection. Clutching a bouquet of flowers draws the eye up. Sitting with one leg crossed and one foot on the ground adds posture. According to German Wedding Photographers, “A well-placed prop is a posing secret weapon.”

Relax and Have Fun

The most natural photos come from a place of comfort. So take some deep breaths, smile, and try to relax into the moment. Laugh with your photographer or friends. Loosen tight muscles. As you feel at ease, your body will find its most flattering positions organically.

Best Side

Confidence is key, so focus on having fun instead of flaws. Your joy will shine through. As a German wedding photographer, Masson Fotografie notes, “Happy subjects equal happy photos. Help your subjects relax and enjoy themselves.”

With practice finding your perfect angles, assets, and relaxed poses, you’ll feel photo-ready in no time. The camera loves you – now love yourself and let your natural beauty shine. With a little guidance from these posing tips, you can learn to photograph your very best.