Baby’s First Birthday Party

It’s so exciting to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. You’ve watch them grow since the day they were born, and now it’s time to celebrate their one year milestone. Here’s how to throw an adorable first birthday for your baby.


First birthday parties are usually small events with a small gathering of close friends or relatives. This is an important occasion, but not something you need to go all out for. Keep things simple. Get a few decorations for the living room, and some refreshments for your guests to enjoy. It’s not like your baby will be able to eat a whole slice of cake, so you don’t need to get a bunch of snacks. A few cupcakes and some drinks will be enough.

As your baby gets closer to their year mark, take lots of pictures. You’ll be glad you have so many photos to look back on as your child gets older. You can also put those photos on your invitations to your baby’s party. Check out Basic Invite’s 1st birthday invitation card selection for inspiration. They have a whole bunch of cards to choose from, and you can add photo to many of their invites. Take a look! You can also use those photos as decorations for the party. Print out picture of your little one and hang them all over the place. It’s a cute and easy way to celebrate this major milestone in your baby’s life.

You can also play a few games with your friends at the party. Have each guest guess what they think the baby will grow up to be, or what sports they’ll play in school. You know your baby has a lot of potential, and so do your guests, and it’ll be fun to see what everyone thinks your child will do in life. Have everyone write down what their guesses are and read each one out loud. Your guests will like hearing everyone’s guesses. One day you’ll find out if anyone was right.

Congratulations to you and your baby on reaching the one year mark. May your family have many more happy years to come.