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Skin Care in Adolescence

Skin care in adolescence: which products to use? What habits to adopt? What shouldn’t be done?

In this phase of change, there are many doubts from parents and teenagers themselves. For this reason, here we will explore some questions about skincare for teenagers.

makeup skincare

We love to talk about makeup skincare for children and teenagers, therefore, offering some solutions and cosmetics beauty products about the necessary skin care in adolescence. You can check the answers below.

What are the main changes that happen to the skin in adolescence?

The main changes that occur in the skin of preadolescents and adolescents are related to the hormonal production typical of this phase of life. Puberty can start at 8 years old for girls and 9 years old for boys, and skin changes can start at this time, a little before or a little after.

Underarm sweat usually has an unpleasant odor at puberty and it is at this stage that deodorant may begin to be necessary.

The increase in oiliness of the skin and hair is a striking feature for most adolescents – because the increase in testosterone production stimulates the sebaceous glands. Then, seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) and acne (blackheads and pimples) can appear.

By the end of adolescence, the skin will be more like adult skin – less sensitive, thicker and more resistant than children’s skin. However, you need to be careful. Abuse of adult cosmetics can still be harmful.

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What essential care can teenagers start taking to care for their skin?

In adolescence, the transition from children’s products and cosmetics to those intended for adults begins. But this transition must be made with caution.

Use the soap and moisturizer indicated for the skin type. Cleaning products, such as soaps and shampoos, must be suitable for the type of skin and hair so as not to worsen oiliness or cause dryness.