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How to Care for the Skin in Autumn? 6 Tips to Adopt at the Station

Skin care does not just depend on its type: the seasons also influence how you take care of your face and body. In autumn, it is natural for the skin and nails to become a little drier, so special attention must be paid to hydration in the beauty routine.

Come check it out and learn how to adapt your beauty rituals to the season.

  1. Do not overdo cleaning

As the skin becomes drier during the fall, avoid washing the face more than twice a day. This can dry out even more, and if you have acne, look for best acne facial in Manhattan.

  1. Bet on hydration

Hydration does not have to be heavy, but it is indispensable to prevent the skin from drying out and peeling during the season. Ideally, choose a suitable moisturizer for your skin type.

  1. Do not forget sunscreen

In the summer, sunscreen is part of the necessaries of most women, but it is often left out in the fall. But beware: to keep your skin healthy and protected year-round, use sun blocking on the face and exposed areas of the body daily.

  1. Take care of your lips

Lips also can not be forgotten in the fall because they have thinner skin than the rest of the face. To avoid dry hair on your face, use best Brazilian waxing in Manhattan.

  1. Avoid hot baths

Hot water promotes water loss through the skin and may make it drier. So while it is tempting to take hot baths in the fall, it is best to avoid this.

  1. Bet on exfoliation

This is because, in addition to removing dead skin, it promotes cell renewal. Thus, your skin becomes soft and moisturized even during the colder seasons. To take care of your feet, look for cheap nail salons in Manhattan.