Trends in Bikinis for Summer

Trends in Bikinis for Summer

The most anticipated season of the year has arrived. Summer is the time to enjoy life outdoors, to enjoy nature, and of course, the beaches and swimming pools.

In addition to having a good sunscreen, drinking plenty of water and redoubling skin care this is the time to open the wardrobes and select the Bikinis & Tankinis for the summer.

To help you with this task, we’ve separated some tips from bikinis and trends that are all in the summer of 2018, be sure to check out!

Trends in Bikinis for Summer

  1. Top cropped neckline

This style sweaters, which leave the shoulders off were a great success during that year. This type of neckline is super charming and, at the same time, romantic and sensual.

But do not be fooled into thinking that this trend is unique to sweaters and dresses. Women also come with everything One-pieces for the summer. With flounces and cuffs, swimsuits give a very romantic touch to the beach.

They look beautiful with the bottom of the tie or the larger Cover-Ups that go up to the waist. In swimsuits, these styles leave the production with a real fashion rehearsal air!

You will find these styles in the most varied colors and cutouts from the simplest, to the frills with drawings leaked. Just pick your favorite and rave in the summer!

  1. Buttocks model

One of the great passions of women, the bikini buttocks is also known as ripple. It has the wrinkled fabric at the back and therefore appreciates the curves and gives the impression of more volume in the area.

Already it is possible to find in the stores the original ripple, which has the well wrinkled fabric, and other models.

Regardless of your choice, know that all bikinis of this type will value your butt and give the impression that it is steeper.