Which Flowers Are Restrained to Be In A Bridesmaid Bouquet?

Nothing beats extravagant flower bouquets for setting the tone for a fantastic wedding, they are definitely essential at a wedding. The right choice of flowers can enhance your big day, whether it is a simple bouquet of flowers for the bridal party or an entire venue full of elaborate flower arrangements. Since flowers play such an important role in a wedding, choosing the right flower varieties to use is crucial. Cohesive colour scheme, beautiful appearance, and durability are among the many things that should be considered when choosing the right kind of flowers. Some flowers may not be suitable for wedding celebrations because they wilt easily and could not stay beautiful until the end of the event, others may not be suitable because they can trigger certain allergic reactions for the guests, or that the flowers represent specific symbolisms that are considered bad omens for a wedding. Keep in mind that factors like the wedding venue, time of year, weather and temperature may also affect the kinds of flowers that will be suitable. For that reason, this article presents some flower types that would not work well at a wedding and some of the reasons why you should avoid them.


Flowers with Negative Meanings                                                  

Some flowers may represent negative symbolism, so if you are superstitious, you might be hesitant to promote the wedding flowers that could bring bad luck. Although, in the end, it comes back to each person in whether or not they choose to believe these meanings.

One example is the yellow carnation, which is considered to symbolize disdain. Yellow is often seen to be a bright, optimistic, and cheerful colour, which is why sunflowers, for example, convey such joy and brightness. Yellow carnations, on the other hand, despite being yellow, do not convey the same feeling. These, unlike other carnations, should be avoided since they symbolize contempt and rejection. You can keep them in the house or the garden because of their beauty, but they would not work well as gifts due to their symbolism.

Although roses are highly sought-after, another example of a flower that has a negative meaning is the black rose. Black roses have well-hidden awful connotations of vengeance, hatred, and also the end of a profession or a relationship. The colour black is often linked with death and sadness, and these blooms are no exception. As a result, they might not be working very well as a wedding flower.

A flower that would work well in a wedding is Baby’s Breath. Baby’s Breath offers a lush, fresh, and airy appeal to your wedding day decor that is both timeless and romantic. Baby’s Breath as a cut flower may last anywhere from 5 to 14 days. They are highly durable and long-lasting, so you do not have to worry about them wilting before the event ends. Baby breath meaning and symbolism are also closely tied to everlasting love and purity, making them very suitable in wedding bouquets and decors.


Daffodils are bright and cheerful in the gardens, but they should not be used as wedding flowers since they might harm other flowers. When they share the water, they produce a poisonous sap that kills other spring blossoms like tulips, so they are not the ideal choice for combining into centrepieces. Daffodils, despite their lovely creamy yellow blooms, are not suitable in bouquets as well. Daffodil handling can cause contact dermatitis, or skin irritation, which is known as daffodil itch. It can cause a scaly rash on your hands, which can spread to your eyes or face if you touch them.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are lovely flowers, their bloom is a tiny cup of pure white that holds a bright yellow pistil. They are actually a fantastic choice for a wedding flower if there will not be any children or animals in attendance. This is because, as beautiful as they are, calla lilies are extremely poisonous and can be deadly if ingested. Though poisoning from the calla lily is uncommon, ingesting and swallowing any part of the plant would almost surely result in an unpleasant experience. Calla lilies, like other plants in the Araceae family, have insoluble calcium oxalate crystals. When these crystals are consumed, they induce discomfort, trouble swallowing, momentary hoarseness, and swelling. This is due to the sensitive tissues of the tongue, gums, and throat being stabbed by these crystals. Also, if the plant’s fluids come into touch with the skin, it can cause discomfort, burning, and swelling.


Having a range of colours from purple to red and orange, poppies provide a stunning contrast against a white bridal gown in photographs. However, you should be cautious about utilizing them in your decors and bouquets because their pollen may quickly stain a bridal gown, which is not worth the risk.