Hiring a Driver for a Day in Dubai

Hiring a Driver for a Day in Dubai

Driving on busy roads is so frustrating. At some point we all want to have a driver who can take us wherever we want without the hassle of driving on the long roads with traffic. In Dubai, you will find plenty of super and luxury cars, mostly around the opulent villas of District One Villas and Jumeirah Beach residence villas.

Dubai is a vast city across more than 60 km from one point to another. The airport on the one side and beautiful beaches and the ultra-modern city on the other side of the city. The metro of this city is one of its successful projects and covers almost all of the city but still, it can not take you to all the places you are wanting to go, at some point, you are going to feel the need of a car and a driver.

Hiring a Driver for a Day in Dubai

If you are with a packet schedule, then travelling through the car is your best option, this way you can relax, but only if you hire a driver for yourself. So if you are a tourist and visiting this city, you might be short on time, so you must hire a driver at least for a single day, to take you to the different tourist attractions of this city.

There are several options through which you can hire a driver in Dubai, some are stated below.


The government of Dubai has built a sector called road and transport authority, to look after the roads and traffic problems. They take care of all public transport and roads, including taxes. You can also book a taxi for some hours with a driver, rather than paying the charges by the metre. It is more reasonable as it provides some privileges like it is available at the exact second you are wanting to go so you don’t need to get in the hassle of booking taxis for different rides.

You can hire a car with a driver through the RTA, but it will be a little expensive on your pocket as the service is quite excellent. If you are going from one place to another and stopping at every place that seems nice to you, then it will be very expensive for you, yet it saves you a lot of time and energy, that you were going to waste on booking taxis. Their taxis are well-maintained, and the drivers are usually well educated. They know about the rules of the roads which is a plus point on the roads of Dubai.


You can even book a car through a privately renowned company which offers cars and also the driver, Gulf Luxury Car Rental is one of them. As the name is already suggesting, you can book a luxury car that might lift your style while roaming and travelling on the roads of Dubai, matching with the luxury of the city.

It is quite surprising that it is not more expensive than hiring a car and a driver through the RTA. if you are looking for something cheaper, then you can book a standard car. 10 hours are considered as a whole day.

As it is mentioned above, that standard cars are cheaper like Toyota Camry and Honda accord for AED 600, but a 4×4 like Toyota Prado will be of AED 700, while the luxury cars like Lexus is for AED 800, and the top of the line Mercedes and BMW will cost around AED 900 for a single day.

These are the charges applicable only in Dubai, so if you are planning to visit outside of the city, to the other Emirates like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, then these charges may vary.

Travelling is becoming very common all around the world. After the busy and hectic routine of working day and night, everyone needs a break. Visiting a place where you can get both modern and natural beauty can cheer you up. That is the reason Dubai has emerging, as a main tourist attraction in the world. You have a lot of places in this city to visit like Port De La Mer Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and The Dubai Mall. You are going to travel a lot if you are planning your holidays in this city, so it is recommended to hire a driver with a car to make you travel hassle-free.